Monday, December 1, 2014

Trick or Treating

We went trick or treating in Grafton the Sunday before Halloween and we met Jamie, Jeff, Hayden, Chase and Adrian.  Aaliyah got to go with 3 boys, lucky her!!  The weather was super nice; Aaliyah refused to wear any jacket.  Surprisingly she didn't last that long, maybe only 1/2 hour and then just sat in the wagon the rest of the time.  She still had fun and got a ton of candy! 
Later in the week, the kids went trick or treating at Janes house(Grandma Judy's neighbor).  She always puts out a big spread for the kids. 
The Thursday before Halloween, Aaliyah's class had a field trip to Lasada retirement home.  All the kids wore their costumes and watched a magic show and got a trick or treat bag full of candy.
On Halloween, we went to the pumpkin walk in Cedarburg.  It was very cold and windy, but we got to warm up at the stores.  It was our first time and hopefully will go again next year.  The have a ton of pumpkins lit up downtown and then you trick or treat at all the stores. 
Halloween has never been this much fun!!  I think that concludes all the events and with that we have too much candy in the house. 

She choose Minnie Mouse this day for trick or treating

Trick or treating with the boys.  They were fast and hard to keep up with.

She woke up, time for the costume
Trick or treating with Grandma Judy

My little carebear
Pirate fairy
Julia(Winnie the Pooh) and Aaliyah and Janes house
Little witch
Love the heart on her butt

Aaliyahs class at Lasada for the magic show

Thursday, November 13, 2014

3rd Annunal Pumpkin Party

The Saturday before Halloween, we had a pumpkin carving party at our house with my family.   All the kids put on their costumes and danced around like princesses.  They frosted cookies and we carved pumpkins outside and ate some beef stew.
Frosting cookies

Pumpkins, ghosts and cats

Aaliyah made a kitty pumpkin with foam stickers

Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White and Tinkerbell

Aaliyah and her finished pumpkins

Love her smile!!

Trunk or Treating

We had so many activities for Halloween this year now that Aaliyah is in school.  It started out with Trunk or Treating at church the Friday before Halloween.  Aaliyah put on her pirate fairy costume and trick-or-treated in the parking lot.  People decorated their trunks and handed out candy.  Some of the themes were Games, Pumpkins, Frozen and Construction site.  Then we went inside where they had a ton of activities.  She decorated her own little pumpkin, painted a ghost to hang in the window, made a bookmark, costume contest, face painting, decorated a pumpkin cookie and played games to win tickets for prizes. 

Frozen car with her friend Abby from school.  Aaliyah was being her stubborn self and wouldn't get in the picture.

Her pumpkin ended up being black and purple.

All in a circle for the costume contest.

Taking a break for a treat.

She picked a purple heart
The first time she got her face painted, she wiped it off, not this time...she loved it!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aaliyah's School Field Trip

Aaliyah had her first school field trip on Tuesday to Lammscapes.  Thank you Grandma Linda for coming over and watching Violet.  Siblings were not allowed and a parent/guardian had to attend.  We've never been to Lamm's and its a really big place in Jackson.  We started out with a little lesson on different leaves and trees and walked around the property.  Then headed inside where they had a train display.  We went on a hayride to where the kids could pick out a pumpkin.  It was pretty cold and windy day, so we had to bundle up.

Heading over the bridge to look at the train.

So cute, all the kids on the bridge.

Waiting to see the train go by.

She found her little pumpkin.

On the ride back holding her pumpkin.

Class picture....this is both 2day and 3day classes with the teachers.

Zoo Fun

I know this is the third zoo post, but the kids just love it!  I'm really considering a zoo pass next year.  And I can't believe we got in free for the third time too!!  Thank you Fire Safety(we had a rep come to our house for a little informational meeting on fire safety).  Anyways, we went on a Thursday afternoon.  Greg had jury duty, but didn't have to go, so lucky for us, we had a family day.  We got there around 1:30.  I was surprised how early it closes; 4:30.  I had no idea and in the summer it's 5:00.  I guess we always go late morning and it's never an issue.  We had plenty of time on a gorgeous fall day;and being so close to Halloween they had some fun Halloween displays.

Love this pic; Aaliyah has the biggest smile on her face.

Harvest Fest at Festival

I'm finally caught up and we're into October.  The first Saturday was Harvest Fest at Festival Foods in Sheboygan.  Grandma Linda has been telling us about this for a long time.  It ended up being a pretty cold wet day, so we didn't stay as long as we would've liked too.  Aaliyah went through the inflatable slide/house once.  They had a bowling game with pumpkins and throw a football through a tire game too.  We picked out a couple of pumpkins, had hot apple cider and took some pumpkin donuts home. 

Aaliyah with Grandma checking out the animals

Violet had so much fun just walking around everyone, wasn't afraid to get close with the animals.  She climbed in the bouncy house once, but too hard with all the big kids.

There she goes...I couldn't believe she climbed up all the way!

She made it to the top and down the big slide.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last day of September

It was a little early for pumpkin cookies but why not.....
I have 2 little cookies monsters!!

Having a ball in the leaves